Leather Restoration

It is simply not always possible to restore a leather binding using the original materials.  Bindings that are experiencing red-rot, or the badly acidic “tree-calf” bindings, frequently need to be recovered entirely.  Fortunately, it is possible to “age” new leather so the book will look appropriately old. 

I use the best leather from English suppliers such as Harmatan and  Hewitts 

I frequently need to dye it myself to achieve the depth of color required for a good match.

New Spines

Japanese Tissue Hinges

Some of the hardest things to match are the old end-papers. I have searched extensively for high quality replicas, and I save all old papers that come my way. I do everything possible to imitate and blend with the old materials.

New Leather Bindings

Going from sheepskin to a new binding done in calf to match with the label saved.

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When you can’t replace it...